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Switzerland poised to ban violent videogames

Videogame violence in the news again
Videogame violence in the news again

Switzerland looks likely to ban any game with a PEGI 16+ or 18+ rating after the country passed a law that bans violent games outright in the country.

The ruling is similar to the one in place in Australia and could mean that any game not suitable for children will be banned from sale in Switzerland.

The minutiae of the legislation has yet to be written, but now the ruling has been passed new titles like God of War III may not see the light of day in the country.

Gaming rules

The ruling states that any title that "requires cruel acts of violence against humans and humanlike creatures for in-game success" will be banned – which sounds like every FPS around. Oh, and anything that involves a Wii-mote and a competitive partner.

The argument against violent games shows no signs of abating, even in the UK.

Recently CVG editor Tim Ingham went on the Alan Titchmarsh Show to defend the videogame industry, only to be shouted down by the likes of Julie Peasgood, who said videogames "promote hatred, racism, sexism and reward violence."

A mantra the Swiss also seem to worryingly have adopted.