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Free online games booming in recession

Online gamers
They're all playing for free - it's the economy, you know?

It's important to take any claims about the effect of recession on spending habits with a pinch of salt, so consider it duly sprinkled when we report that internet users may be saving money by playing free online games.

According to the number crunchers at comScore, visitors to free online gaming sites are up almost a quarter on the same period last year at 87 million US visits in May.

Cheaper alternatives

Drawing some serious conclusions, comScore's report states that, "consumers increasingly opt for cheaper entertainment alternatives, driven in part by the reality of economic challenges."

Of the big gaming players, Yahoo Games ranked top, with 19.4 million unique users in May, closely followed by EA Online at 18 million.

Big up all round

Whether or not this has anything to do with the economy is debatable, but the bump in numbers at the big players is clearly good news for the industry at any time.

Via AP