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Dolby could be making a recording app for your phone

A screenshot of the app showing the recording button, preset packs, and sharing options. Credit: TechCrunch.

Audio technology company Dolby is working on its first music recording and production app, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Codenamed '234' and previously tested under 'Dolby Live', the app listens out for background noise before you hit the record button, and then diminishes it, making recordings sound clearer. 

Although the app is said to be free, users will reportedly be able to buy audio effects packs with different EQ settings, including, according to the report, "Amped, Bright, Lyric, Thump, Deep, or Natural".

Targeting the Soundcloud crowd

It looks like Dolby is going after bedroom music makers, with Soundcloud integration built in, meaning users will be able to upload to the music-sharing platform directly, without leaving the app. 

Whether musicians will take to a smartphone app to record their music is unclear; a mobile phone's inbuilt microphones are unlikely to measure up in terms of sound quality to a microphone going through an audio interface and into a computer or laptop. Still, an app like this could be useful for making audio notes or 'sketches' on the move. 

TechCrunch says it was tipped off to the app by an anonymous source, and despite no formal announcements from Dolby, it looks like you can register to test the app via a signup link

Via TechCrunch

Olivia Tambini

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