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Apple AirPlay-friendly third-party apps showcased

Apple showcases Airplay-enabled apps

Apple has dedicated a section on its App Store to new AirPlay-enabled apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Last week's iOS 4.3 software update opened the door for third-party apps to make use of Apple's AirPlay functionality which allows iDevice owners to stream content to the latest Apple TV box.

It's been less than a week, but there's also a few apps on-board and Apple has collected them together in a helpful section called "Great AirPlay-Enabled apps"

Included in the selection are the VEVO HD music video app, the ESPN Sports Magazine app as well as the new Sony My Daily Clip app, which brings a classic scene to your device every day.

More still to come

Before the refresh, iOS 4.2 AirPlay only enabled the sharing of content from the Video and iPod apps, but the new update opens a world of possibilities for apps that rely on streaming content, like Spotify.

Content providers can also send content such as photos and embedded videos to Apple TV from the Safari browser, so keep your eye out for the AirPlay logo during web surfing too.

We'd imagine a flock of applications updating their offerings in the days and weeks to come, similarly to when the iPhone first offered multi-tasking through iOS 4.

Which apps would you love to see adjust their offerings to allow playback on your Apple TV too? Let us know in the comments section below.