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Your Vizio smart TV may have spied on you, and is running out of time to tell you

Vizio smart TV in living room

Vizio is largely known for its affordable range of smart TVs, but recent years has seen it in the headlines for much less flattering reasons. 

In 2015 the television manufacturer was found to have incorporated real-time tracking software into its smart TVs, in order to sell data on consumer behaviour to advertisers. This meant illicitly sharing information on the sorts of broadcasts, cable channels, online browsers, DVDs, or streaming services you might have used in conjunction with the television set.

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The main concern is how further user information could be gleaned from the IP address, including the user’s age, income, and household size.

Vizio has since been ordered to pay a $2.2 million settlement to the US government, alongside a $1.5 million fine to the Federal Trade commission. It was forced to delete all data collated prior to March 2016, with much more stringent / transparent rules in place for future data practices.

Via Engadget