End-to-end encryption is here at last for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams E2EE
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Staying secure on Microsoft Teams is now easier than ever after the company revealed that end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is now available for its video conferencing software soon.

“Multiple enterprise customers in the US and Europe across industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, telecommunications, and professional services are in the process of rolling out E2EE for Teams calls,” John Gruszczyk, technical product manager at Microsoft, noted in a blog post.

The update should make it harder for outside forces such as hackers or fraudsters to gain access to Microsoft Teams and the chats within, hopefully keeping private or valuable information being discussed safe.

Teams security

The update is classified as general availability, meaning it is on offer to all Microsoft Teams users across desktop and mobile - including both Android and iOS.

Microsoft revealed back in October 2021 that it was trialling E2EE in Teams as it looks to boost security for its video call platform.

Rival Zoom was forced to up its security protections after several high-profile "Zoom-bombing" incidents saw outside parties able to gatecrash what should have been private calls.

The update will mean that Teams users will soon see an encryption indicator in the upper left corner of the software which shows that their calls are encrypted. Microsoft Teams will also display a security code for the call which both parties can verify on their respective ends.

However it seems that some Microsoft Teams features, recording, live caption and transcription, Call park, Call Merge, Call Companion, Call transfer and the ability to add a participant to make a one-to-one call a group call won't be available when E2EE is enabled.

Mike Moore
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