Xiaomi Mi Note 11, a long-awaited Android phone, might finally be coming

Xiaomi Mi Note 10
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While the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 launched in November 2019, the Mi Note 11 didn't show up a year later, leading people to believe it wasn't coming at all. There's reason to believe, though, that it might launch after all.

On Chinese social media platform Weibo, popular leaker Bald Panda has shared some information on the Xiaomi Mi CC11, an upcoming phone from the company. What's that got to do with the Mi Note 11? Well, the Mi CC9 released outside China as the Mi Note 10, making it very likely that the CC11 is the Mi Note 11 (with CC10 skipped so the numbers align).

According to Bald Panda, the upcoming Xiaomi phone will have a 90Hz display but only a 64MP main camera - for context the Mi Note 10 was the first smartphone with a 108MP snapper. Charging is said to be 67W, which is nice and fast.

In addition, the chipset is said to be either the Snapdragon 778 or Snapdragon 780, two similar mid-range chipsets which will likely be a little more powerful than the 730G in the Note 10.

Apparently, there's set to be a Mi Note 11 Pro with a Snapdragon 870 chipset and 5x periscope lens, which sounds like a better phone. While the Mi Note 10 technically had a Pro version, the only difference from the standard model was increased RAM and storage, so it was basically the same device.

So the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 sounds like a decent low-cost phone, with the Pro a well-specced mid-ranger, though they're perhaps a downgrade in some ways from the Mi Note 10 (which will probably be reflected in the price eventually).

From Note 11 to Mi 12

Bald Panda also commented on some other circulating rumors, that Xiaomi is working on a phone with a 192MP or 200MP main camera. According to the leaker, the Mi Note 11 or Mi CC11 won't get this, but the Xiaomi Mi 12 could.

The Xiaomi Mi 12 is expected to be the company's flagship phone for 2022, and if history repeats, it'll get a late-December 2021 launch in China before rolling out for global markets in the first few months of 2022.

The phone will likely be a top-end one, so a 200MP main sensor isn't out of the question, but there are some reasons it's unlikely. Firstly, we haven't seen a phone with this high-res a main camera before. Secondly, 200MP is far too high-res for the vast majority of people, and it just doesn't make sense for a smartphone camera.

We're crossing our fingers for the Mi Note 11, but so far we don't have a concrete launch window - hopefully it'll be here before too long.

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