Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is real, but you won't be able to buy it

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

We've been hearing Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro rumors for ages, and the higher-end version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is finally here, but... well, there's good news and bad news on that front.

The bad news is that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro isn't getting widely released. At a launch event in China, it was shown off, but a subsequent global launch didn't include it - this tells us the phone will only go on sale in China, and not globally.

The good news is that there's a phone to fill its void - the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. This is a super-premium version of the Mi 11 (more so than the Pro) with three high-resolution rear cameras, super-fast wireless charging, and a second mini-screen on the back of the phone.

What's the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro like?

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is like the non-Pro model in most areas, with very few differences.

One change is that the main camera is 50MP, not 108MP, which might sound like a downgrade, but the size of the pixels is bigger, so images should be brighter and bolder.

The Mi 11's telemacro camera is also replaced by a periscope one for 5x optical zoom, so you'll lose the ability to take great close-up pictures but gain the power of optical zoom.

The other big change is in the power department - the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro has a 5,000mAh battery and supports 67W wired and wireless charging (like the Ultra). This is the fastest wireless powering we've seen in a phone, joint with the Ultra.

Specs-wise, then, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is very similar to the Mi 11, perhaps so much so that Xiaomi thought global audiences wouldn't be interested. The Mi 11 Ultra is coming for people who want a super-phone, though.

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