Xiaomi could be making an electric car – Here’s what we know

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Not only Electric vehicles are good for the environment but are lighter on your pockets as well in the long run. And these are possibly the biggest reasons why the EV market is experiencing an upward trend. As more and more people are looking to make a switch to clean energy vehicles, more brands are jumping into making one.

Hence, Tech brands like Apple, Baidu, Foxconn and even Huawei have decided to come up with consumer-focused electric vehicles. It is now being reported that Xiaomi, after the initial denial, is making a push towards electric cars along with a Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors.

According to a report by Reuters, Xiaomi is in touch with Great Wall Motors to use one of its factories to make electric vehicles under its brand. And if things go as per the plan, these electric vehicles are going to be aimed at the mass market in line with Xiaomi’s policies, reports Reuters.

Both the companies are expected to make an official announcement of this new collaboration early next and if the report is to be believed, Great Wall will offer Xiaomi its Engineering prowess to provide impetus to the project.

Though Xiaomi is known for its affordable Android smartphones and other smart ecosystem products like TV, vacuum cleaner, air purifier etc already sells a set of battery-operated vehicles through its umbrella company called Ninebot.

The company had recently denied that it is working on an electric car. Though Xiaomi had accepted that it did conduct surveys to understand the market dynamics and assess the demand and stated that it prefers to wait as of now till the market is more favourable.

Back then, it was also rumoured that the electric car project could be supervised by the CEO Jei Jun himself, however, Xiaomi called these reports baseless.

If the current report is true, it would not be the first time that the leading smartphone maker is trying its hands with electric vehicles. It recently collaborated with Lamborghini for a supercar-inspired GoKart called Ninebot GoKart Pro and had worked with another Chinese carmaker Bestune to come up with an all-electric SUV - Redmi Bestune T77.

Talking about Xiaomi’s new partner, Great Wall Motors is one of the leading carmakers in China and has brands like Haval, ORA and Wey etc. with a presence in various countries.

That being said, if Xiaomi does end up making an electric vehicle, it is highly unlikely that the vehicle will ever make its way out of China.

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