You'll soon be able to pick up your Amazon order with your Morrisons groceries

Amazon locker
Amazon locker

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has announced plans to introduce Amazon Lockers to its stores this year.

If waiting at home for an Amazon delivery feels too much like pandering to the corporate machine, you'll now have even more locations to choose from when picking up parcels on the go.

This partnership with Morrisons will see hundreds more Amazon Lockers springing up across the country, significantly adding to the thousands of lockers already linked to the Amazon service.

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Introducing the lockers to its stores is part of Morrisons' plan to add even more "popular and useful services" to its supermarkets which already include cafes, dry cleaning, and key cutting services.

By adding services like this to its stores, Morrisons no doubt hopes it will be able to lure in a few more physical shoppers and perhaps convince them to make a few more in-store purchases when they're passing through.

Expect to see some strategically placed chocolate stands that will test your willpower.

This is a move that will strengthen the mutually-beneficial alliance between the companies, which began in May of this year when Morrisons began to supply thousands of grocery items to Amazon customers through AmazonFresh, Amazon Pantry, and Amazon Prime Now.

Whilst other supermarkets such as Waitrose and Tesco have created successful online delivery services, Morrisons was late to the game and has notably struggled to get its own service off the ground.

Joining forces with Amazon has been a good way for Morrisons to ensure it's not completely squeezed out of the online market.

Not only will this partnership give Morrisons a greater online presence, it'll also give Amazon a more physical presence without having to actually set up its own stores and drive more customers into Morrison's supermarkets.

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