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The drones are coming home as FAA confirms six test states for UAVs

The drones are coming home as FAA confirms six test states for unmanned aircraft
Testing will take place across the United States in 2014
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The testing of commercial drone aircraft will take place in six states in the United States, the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed on Monday.

The FAA has chosen sites in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia following a 10-month consolation involving 24-states in the Union.

The regulator took location, geography, climate, safety, current uses for the airspace, aviation experience into consideration when allocating the site.

Regulations for the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles have been promised by the FAA by the end of the years. These various pilot schemes will contribute to the formation of operation and safety rules.

Good news for Amazon?

The announcement comes as services like Amazon investigate the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to delivery small parcels in larger metropolitan areas, while farmers and search and rescue teams have also outlined potential use for the tech.

The FAA said a proposal from the University of Alaska was selected due to the ability to test drones in various climates, while the New York was chosen to examine how drones will operate in busy airspace.

Pilot schemes in Nevada will focus on air traffic standards for drone operators, while Texas A&M university will focus on drone safety requirements and tests to ensure the vehicles are airworthy.

Virginia Tech University will investigate the risks associated with flying drones in commercial airspace andthe University of North Dakota will monitor the human impact of drones.


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