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How Google Earth explains the financial crisis

( Contains a great Google Earth picture of hundreds of suddenly redundant cargo ships parked off the coast of Singapore, in the world's biggest parking lot. REVEALING

The end of voicemail is nigh

(Slate) How new technologies, like Google Voice or the various forms of messaging, are killing off voicemail. "According to cell phone companies, lots of people only rarely dial into to their messages and some of us have stopped checking entirely." INTERESTING

Illusion cloak makes one object look like another

(Technology Review) This takes the invisibility cloak from a year or so ago, a step forward. The process that allows certain materials to bend light around themselves, therefore appearing invisible, has been extended so a cloaked object can look like something else entirely. FASCINATING

Life beyond the keyboard and mouse

(The Guardian) Computer scientist Johnny Chung Lee, the man behind the Wii remote powered whiteboard, takes us through the computer interfaces of the future. INTERESTING

How the Kindle lets you steal blogs... and charge for them

(TechCrunch) The new Kindle enables people to sell subscriptions to their own blogs, should they want to. Unfortunately, there's nothing to stop people selling subscriptions to other people's blogs too. Nice description of an unintended consequence... and we're checking TechRadar on the Kindle store right now. SURPRISING

'Della': Dell's very special site for women

(The Register) Dell's ham fisted attempt at marketing netbooks to women. TOE CURLING


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