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Facebook is experimenting with a Want button

Facebook is experimenting with a Want button
We Like the new Want button

According to a UK developer Facebook is to bring out a 'Want' button to help businesses increase their social commerce sales and to complement the current 'Like' button.

The new Want plug-in was discovered by UK Facebook developer Tom Waddington in the Facebook Javascript software development kit (SDK) as an Extended Facebook Markup Language (XFBML) tag, and since he publicised the button, it's mysteriously disappeared from the SDK. Although the functionality behind the botton is still in the SDK.

Speaking on his blog Waddington said the button will only work on Open Graph objects marked as "products," indicating it most likely to find it's way in to social commerce use.

Waddington has also found another example of an unreleased function aimed at social commerce called Facebook Social Context which allows a developer to take a list of keywords, find related Facebook brand pages and creates a list of friends who also like a brand or a product.