Rent a movie for free every week with Telstra Movies

Telstra Thanks Movies Thursday movie rental
On Thursdays, a dinosaur will appear outside your window thanks to Telstra. Right?

Just in time for winter, Telstra will now let customers rent a movie for free every Thursday on their smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

It will be part of Telstra's Movies Thanks program, though there are a lot of caveats and only three movies to choose from.

This week's selections are Journey to the Centre of the World, Life As We Know It and Warrior.

You'll need to sign into your account and go to the Movies Thanks page to get a redeemable code, which is available starting every Friday. However, you'll only be able to redeem the code bewteen 5.30am and 11.59pm on the following Thursday.

Then you'll have 48 hours to start watching the film, and 48 more hours to finish watching it once you hit play - which should give you enough time to watch it over a weekend.

Before you redeem it, make sure the device you plan on using for the rental is compatible, as you'll only be able to watch it on the device you redeem the code on.

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