One More Thing: 80 million Instagram users can't be wrong

One More Thing: 80 million Instagram users can't be wrong

21 instagrams - There are now 80 million Instagram accounts so you will literally never be short of a picture of freshly painted nails again. Twitter doesn't like the app hogging its bandwidth or whatever though, having tweaked its API to stop the app from reaping your Twitter friends. Spoilsports. [Slashgear]

It was no iguana - Even if you don't have a Blu-ray player and don't like E.T., you will want this 30th Anniversary Edition E.T. Blu-ray. You will. [Bleeding Cool]

Friday feeling - Your Snapdragonless phone is severely impinging your ability to make booty calls, is the message we're taking from this weird Qualcomm eyeshadow-heavy rap video thing. [Qualcomm]

Probably on a par with Shit My Dad Says - There's a new comedy show in town, name of De-friended. Woman is addicted to social networking and seeks revenge when another woman de-friends her on Facebook. It would be women, wouldn't it. Anyway, Sony's signed on, presumably it'll be coming to E4 at some point. [Vulture]

Psychic - You might think you're just fighting orcs or hunting princesses in various misleading castles, but how you play games can say a lot about you – so says Lukasz Twardowski who thinks he can predict whether players are colour blind, suffering from Alzheimer's or whether players are gamblers, cheaters or minors, just by looking at data from video games. Intimidating stuff. [Venture Beat]

Game on – The Olympic Games are here, so you'll probably be going out to buy a whole new phone to show your support for Team GB, right? Don't worry, if we underperform you can revert the patriotic Samsung Galaxy S3 back to its original form and pretend you didn't care all along. [Carphone Warehouse]

Samsung Galaxy S3

At – is having a bit of a redesign, with new-look artist, album and track pages and easier to navigate navigation menus rolling out in beta. []

Time in – London's a rather popular destination this summer so what better time for Time Out to bust out its first ever iPad app. The free app is Retina-ready and will soon let you book restaurants and tickets from within the apps – kids these days, they don't know they're born. [iTunes]

Stat-attack - As the first 'digital Olympics', London 2012 has 'social media' written 'all over it' – you can keep up to date with what's hot and what's not during the games with Social Bakers' Cheermeter tool that analyses 'Twitter buzz' around the different events in 'real time', like some kind of automatic social media 'guru'. [Cheermeter]

Social whatevs - Traffic to Google+ has apparently gone up by 66% in nine months – so says ComScore anyway, but does that include inadvertent search-fuelled visits we wonder? And, really, until people we actually know start using it regularly, who cares? [Google+]

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