Judge refuses to make US Apple-Samsung trial any longer or more complicated

The judge is "frustrated"

Apple and Samsung remain locked in an endless war of patents, but not everyone is as into it as they are, it seems.

California Judge Lucy Koh rejected a request from Samsung to double the length and complexity of the case by allowing each side twice as much time and over three times the exhibits, plus unlimited witnesses.

Currently, Apple and Samsung each have 25 hours to present no more than 125 exhibits in making their cases against one another.

Judge Koh already consolidated Apple and Samsung's suits against one another into a single trial, and it seems she truly wants to be done with the dispute as quickly as possible.

One of many

Samsung argued on Tuesday that each side should have 50 hours, 400 exhibits and no limit on how many witness they could call.

But Judge Koh reminded Samsung that she consolidated the cases so that both sides could play offense rather than spreading their accusations across two lengthy trials, and that her orders for both sides to simplify their cases still stand.

She admitted that she's "frustrated."

"If anything, I have bent over backwards so Samsung has an affirmative case," she said.

"I could have put your case on a later schedule. If you, at this time, think the limits I have imposed are unfair, I will vacate your case and give you another trial date."

Ouch. She went on to order Apple and Samsung to meet Friday to discuss their too-liberal use and classification of confidential materials, which has caused both sides to come under fire in the past.

Apple and Samsung's patent infringement allegations against one another rage in ten countries, proving that lawyering is indeed the most lucrative profession of the modern age.

Over the last several months, Apple has had some middling success getting Samsung products banned in various countries around the world.

Meanwhile, the latest development against Apple comes from the U.K., where a judge recently ordered the company to proclaim in ads and on websites that Samsung did not in fact rip off the iPad, as Apple has been alleging.

The Apple-Samsung rivalry is only one of many that plague the tech industry, as companies have recently become far too liberal with their legal disputes.

There's still a possibility that Apple and Samsung could settle out of court, though previous peace talks between the two companies have led nowhere.

And time is running out, as the trial is scheduled to begin Monday.

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