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We'd all rather use our bodies than passwords


Human beings are lazy by nature, which might explain why we tend to favour security solutions – like biometrics - that require the least effort.

A survey of 4000 consumers in the US and UK, carried out by identity management company Gigya, found out that the majority wanted biometrics and other authentication methods rather than logins and passwords.

Paradoxically, 2FA (or two factor authentication) is preferred by 29% of users of those who wanted to shun logins and passwords only. 2FA adds another layer of authentication, usually a personal security question or a verification code sent by text.

Can't touch it

Biometrics however have their own downside as unlike a password or a code, you can't change them.

Your DNA, your fingerprints or retina print are what make you what you are and should data associated with these be compromised, you won't be able to reset them like you'd do with a compromised password.

The overwhelming proportion of those surveyed – 80 percent – believed that biometrics is more secure than traditional usernames and passwords which might be true but then, most recent hacks (Ashley Madison, Talk Talk) have not been caused by end users being careless.