Internet extradites Justin Bieber to North Korea

Justin Bieber
NUL POINTS: But whoever's masterminding the Israeli campaign is currently winning

The online community 4chan is currently running a rather amusing campaign - which targets Twitter celebrity and occasional pop singer Justin Bieber.

After noticing that Bieber's record company was orchestrating a reader poll designed to pick the destination of an upcoming tour by the teenage star, 4chan rounded its troops and is trying to get Bieber sent off to play in North Korea.

And it's very nearly working thus far - at time of writing, the communist regime is currently in second place with 189,000 votes. Kim Jong-il, the North Korean Leader, had better start work on his "Marry me, Justin" banner.

Herbie goes Nimbostratus

We have a new contender in the bizarre world of the flying car. This squashed-up looking thing is the Terrafugia Transition, the latest car/plane hybrid planning to take the skies and roads by storm. Or to at least gain a few positive news reports before sinking into obscurity along with all the other flying cars that have failed to... take off... over the years.


FLIGHT PLAN: "100 litres of aviation fuel, please... and a Twix" [Image credit: Terrafugia]

However, the Terrafugia has at least made it through the hardest part of the process. The tedious paperwork is out of the way, as the caroplane been signed-off by the US Federal Aviation Administration and may now be sold to anyone who has both driving and pilot licences. And money. The maker is aiming to start deliveries in 2011. Probably just to John Travolta.

Etch and sketch

Artist David Kassan, who's known for creating super-realistic, almost photographic quality portraits, is the latest high-profile celebrity to switch to the Apple Way of Doing Things.

In a rather bizarre and frankly quite suspicious report in The Sun, Kassan claims to be able to create one of his incredibly lifelike portraits using an iPad app - in around three hours. We think someone at Apple may have written this story for The Sun in around three minutes.

Hobbies: Telling strangers about my lunch

Apart from the odd charitable retweet from Twitter juggernaut Stephen Fry, there's not much in the way of positive Twitter-based news. It's killing our attention spans, making us forget things, wasting everyone's time at work - it's all bad.

However, a proper professor has found something good to say about it! Twitter users are more likely to get job interviews, he said (after being paid to look into the matter by a job company, but we'll gloss over that), thanks to the punchy, short nature of the medium teaching people how to write sharper and more comprehensible CVs.

According to TheNextWeb, the prof said "Candidates who are innovative and novel in their use of language and identify themselves in a non-formulaic way are more likely to be people who use Twitter, or have their own blog. [Their] CV summary is more likely to be snappy, interesting and, ultimately, attention-grabbing."

Twitter jobs

WORK EXPERIENCE: "I also occasionally boast about my fun-filled life on Facebook"

It also means you won't be able to get any work out of them once the contract has been signed and they've been plonked in front of a PC.