In pictures: Samsung NaviBot robot vacuum

NaviBot - hopefully programmed to kill Kim and Aggie
NaviBot - hopefully programmed to kill Kim and Aggie

Vacuuming the house is the bane of every sane person the world over. But NaviBot, the latest vacuum sensation from Samsung, makes cleaning fun. In a Robot Wars sort of way.

Shown off at Samsung's European conference in Vienna, with TechRadar in attendance, the NaviBot is Samsung's first introduction of robot vacuum cleaners in Europe.

It's been put through its paces in Italy and comes with some rather fancy robo-tech.

To know what your abode looks like, the robot take 30fps video of your home, transmits this into a digital map and goes around sucking the dirt from your floor without blindly bashing into the contents of your house.


The NaviBot comes with a rechargeable docking station – which we like to think of its very own home where it eats, sleeps, watches robo-porn etc – that the NaviBot will go to if it seems to be running out of battery power.

Inside the chassis of the NaviBot are two processors, sensors and a camera.

TechRadar watched the bot do its thing for a good while and we have to say that it is slow - but very, very cool. And if you are clean-freak, this is definitely not a machine that will do a deep spring clean.


It does have five flavours of cleaning, though: Auto, Max, Manual, Spot and Edge Clean. Not sure if the U2 guitarist is happy with the last one, but there you go.

Two versions of the NaviBot will be coming to the UK eventually, although pricing in pounds is non-existent at the moment.


If you are looking at Europe-land money, then expect to pay 399 Euros for a standard version and 100 Euros more if you want it to be touchscreen.

Marc Chacksfield

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