How to avoid being captured on CCTV

Can't see me now, 'the man'!

Some kooky German artists are intent on showing how to ‘stick it to the man’ by avoiding having your face spotted on the ubiquitous CCTV cameras that record day-to-day life across many of the public and private spaces of our cities.

The URA / FILOART created I-R.A.S.C headset is little more than a circle of infra-red LEDs on an elastic headband, which cause CCTV cameras to flare out the wearer’s face – as pictured here.

From the website: “The URA / FILOART developed device promises to the citizens of a more reliable protection against security measures of the state (and other Überwachenden). IR.ASC bietet die Sicherheit vor der Sicherheit und weist somit auf die Asymmetrie der Kräfte zwischen dem Überwachenden und dem Individuum hin. IR.ASC offers the safety and security has therefore to the asymmetry of power between the individual and Überwachenden.”

While TechRadar is pretty sure you could easily knock one of these up in the shed, we remain to be convinced that wearing one is not going to attract more unwanted attention to you than not doing so.

Which kind of defeats the object.

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