Google Glass might have a serious battery problem

One of the first people to receive an Explorer Edition Google Glass headset has said that filming video is proving a serious drain on the Glasses' battery life.

Posting on Q&A website Quora, Robert Scoble admitted that battery life is "a real problem".

"One six-minute video I did took 20 per cent of the battery," he said, adding that battery-saving is the reason behind Google's decision to keep the UI minimal and part of the reason its API doesn't allow for on-Glass image editing.

By that token, 30 minutes of video recording would render your smart specs lifeless - not ideal for the life-casters who hope to share every tiny moment of their day with the eye-mounted camera.

Scoblize that

So why not beef up the battery? Because one of the key aspects of wearable tech is that you actually have to wear it - a hulking great battery unit on the side of your head like a bolt on the neck of Frankenstein's Monster is a good look only on October 31.

Scoble, for one, says he will use an external battery pack to solve the battery problem but that seems counter to the point of wearable tech which should fit seamlessly into your life.

It's worth pointing out that the Explorer Edition glasses aren't ready for the mass market, but if we'd shelled out $1,500 for them we'd want them to last a little longer than half an hour. Let's hope that a more efficient camera is something that ends up on the first retail models, scheduled for 2014.

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