Sony Ericsson phones to get motion control

The camera lenses on Sony Ericsson handsets could be equipped with motion sensors in the future

Sony Ericsson cameraphones could be equipped with motion controls in the future. The iPhone has already revolutionised the way in which we interact with our phones, but a new patent could point the way to the next trend in interface design.

According to the patent application, you would be able to answer the phone just by flicking your wrist, or control what tracks are being played by waving your hand. After gesturing in front of the camera lens, the phone would decipher your action and react appropriately.

A simple wave of your hand

The patent demonstrates how software could be added to the image processor chip inside a Sony Ericsson handset. This would make it possible to analyse the incoming images and recognise certain motions, reports.

You would have to be in the same room as the handset but it seems no additional hardware would be needed, the chips already inside your Sony Ericsson would work with the add-on software.

Imagine being able to take a group shot when everyone's ready by a simple wave of a hand, rather than having to rush over in a few seconds after checking the set-up in the camera's viewfinder. Or answering your phone from the other side of the room by using a preset gesture...