3D TV without the glasses? Hisense says yes with concept design

3D glasses
Glasses be gone

Hisense was saving a lot of products for CES, including a Google TV in two sizes, but the television maker threw in a nice little curve ball by talking up the GF60XT980, a concept product that takes true glasses-free watching to the masses.

Glasses-free 3D technology, according to a Hisense press release, aims to create the same 3D experience that as when wearing a pair of blue-and-red lens specs (or whatever material 3D glasses are made of these days).

Using a UHD 2,160p panel, even at half the resolution, users still get a full high-def viewing experience, the company said.

An amped up video engine and high-precision lenticular lens also helps Hisense push out top-tier picture quality.

High potential

Again, this is only a concept, but an intriguing one nonetheless.

Hisense has packed in a facial tracking system that "discretely tweaks each sweet spot" to give viewers an optimal viewing experience, something we can wait to test for ourselves.

What's more, the GF60XT980 (hopefully it will have a chopped down name by the time it goes public) can convert regular 2D to 3D. So you can either view Simon Cowell flat for in a more fleshed out version - it's up to you with Hisense's tech.

Though it's still in the development stages, this Hisense TV is well on its way to ushering in the future of television viewing. Let's just hope it's affordable.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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