7 best diet apps for iPhone and Android

6 best diet apps
But will it make you fat? Why not ask your smartphone

If you need to lose a few pounds, watching what you eat sounds like common-sense advice.

But it's easy to lose track when you're totting up calorie counts in your head and telling yourself that one more biscuit won't make much difference.

Luckily, there's no need for complicated calorie counting books, or expensive, time-consuming meetings - you just need to find the App that's right for you. Pick the one that best fits your needs and goals, and keep yourself on the straight and narrow. We're feeling leaner already…

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is by far our favourite diet app - we can hardly believe it's free. When you add your personal stats (height, age, sex, weight, target weight and so on) the app will work out how many calories you can consume each day to hit your target in the timeframe you specify.

You record what you eat each day and input your activity. The app then tots ups what you've consumed and expended to count your net calories. It also plots your weight loss in a handy graph and lets you add friends too, making the whole thing more fun.

Best diet apps

MyFitnessPal tracks your exercise as well as your eating

2. Superfoods


"Superfoods" has become a real buzz word in recent years. We know we should be eating them, that they can reputedly speed metabolism and aid weight loss, but how many of us know all the varieties, what they're supposed to do, how much to eat and how to incorporate them into our diet?

This handy app makes things easy with a series of mini articles, like "Groundbreaking superfood antioxidants" and "Best super greens", plus a handy guide to all the individual superfoods and their specific benefits.

This app sets out the facts and leaves you equipped with all the knowledge you need to make the most out of the superfoods revolution.

Best diet apps

Perplexed by pomegranate? This app will help

3. Nutrino


This great app builds a personalised menu for you, taking into consideration how many calories you should be eating each day to reach your goal. After you've spent a few minutes entering your vital stats it'll show you how much you should ideally weigh and work out a long-term goal for you.

You then tell it what foods you like to eat and when and I'll build a menu for you and even makes a shopping list for you! If you're so inclined you can even share your progress, meal plan etc. via social media, straight from Nutrino.

Best diet apps

Gooseberries for breakfast and elevenses, gooseberry pizza for dinner not pictured

4. My Diet Coach


This one is aimed women, and it's all about motivating you to keep committed to losing weight. It allows you to set personalised reminders - for example, "prepare a healthy lunch" or "drink water" - and will help you combat exercise laziness and food temptation with motivational photos and slogans.

Best diet apps

If you're looking for an app that acts as a supportive, well-wishing friend, rather than a calorie counter you'll love this. We like the way you set your own weight loss target, and that it reminds you of the reason you're losing weight.

5. Weightbot

£1.49 (US$1.99)

Sometimes you just need your weight in black and white, and here's where Weightbot comes in. It lets you record your weight every day (if you like) and plot your progress on a crystal clear graph, so you can see exactly how you're doing.

We also really like the fact that it calculates your all-important body mass index for you too - something many of the others don't. If you're serious about losing weight and want to keep a proper eye on your progress, this is worth £1.49 for the brilliant fuss-free interface.

Best diet apps

6. Low Fat Recipes


If you need inspiration for your low-fat diet, the Low Fat Recipes app is for you. It's like a brilliant free cookbook, which also gives you complete nutritional information. There's a staggering array of choice with options for every dietary requirement, from gluten free and diabetes-friendly though to gourmet and budget.

We particularly like how easy it is to browse depending on what you have in the kitchen fridge - search for "chicken" and you'll see a whole range of ideas for the joints sitting in your fridge. Star dishes you like the look of so you can quickly find them. With this app, you may not need another cookbook.

Best diet apps

7. WeightWatchers Mobile App


The WeightWatcher plan is one of the most popular diets out there, and it's also one of the few to have proven short and long-term effectiveness. This free app will watch you while you're watching.

The extensive library of foods - over 30,000 - includes restaurant meals and gives a WeightWatchers point value for each entry, as well as calculating your daily point allowance and how many points you have remaining.

While this app really is indispensible if you're following WeightWatchers, it's not much good otherwise, as many of the features can only be used if you have an online subscription, which you pay for.

Best diet apps