5 billion Presidential spam by Election Day

Political spam to flood inboxes in run up to Presidential election

For one month every four years, spam gets serious. Out go offers of all-night passion, lists of dentists and discount Rolexes, in come surveys, economic indicators and missives from 'Balack' and 'Pain'.

Network infrastructure company SonicWall is forecasting that more than 5 billion political spam emails will reach the in-boxes of registered US voters in the 30 days prior to the November 4 Presidential Election.

SonicWall product manager Andy Klein warns of three types of political-oriented spam, the most common of which (accounting for around 90% of messages) uses the election as a hook to get you to open the spam message, URL or attachment.

Vote spam!

The second, making up around 7% of spam, will be advocacy spam where a person or group sends spam to sway voters. Political email does not have to conform to the Can-Spam Act, so Barack Obama and John McCain are actually free to spam at will.

Finally, phishing emails will account for about 3% of political spam. 2004 saw the first phishing email based on a political race, utilizing a John Kerry campaign contribution ruse to collect credit card information.

But don't worry, Vi*gra fans, spam will soon be back to normal. SonicWALL predicts political spam will constitute just 1% percent of all spam by the end of Election Day.