10 web hoaxes you wish you hadn't forwarded

6. Bigfoot in the freezer

Sure, we've all got some weird, unidentifiable hairy things sitting at the bottom of the freezer that may have been living creatures at one point in time, but Bigfoot? Perpetrated by serial hoaxer Tom Biskardi, the photo of a dead Bigfoot in the fridge was soon revealed to be a fake - as was that packet of Loch Ness Monster fish fingers he claimed to have lined up for dinner.

Bigfoot in the freezer

7. "Lonelygirl15"

Let's all just pretend this never happened. Although it was a clever use of YouTube in its early days, the pretend series of videos about a girl's boring life never delivered much after its initial burst of excitement. We were young, YouTube was still innovative, and she was cute in an American way. Wouldn't work now, we're all way too cynical.

8. Nintendo ON

Again, this one was all about timing. In the days before E3 2005, everyone sort of knew Nintendo was gearing up to announce something completely bonkers, but didn't know exactly what. So the Nintendo ON video, with its impressively high production values and head-mounted interface, could indeed have been real. But it wasn't. It was a clever fake knocked up by Pablo Belmonte. Hope you didn't send it to too many people.

Nintendo on

9. "UFO Haiti"

Oh yes, turns out this wasn't surprisingly high quality amateur footage of UFOs mucking in the skies about above Haiti, it was a computer-generated graphics test made by a man who does computer graphics for his day job. If you haven't seen it on the news, it's probably fake. That's the general rule to follow about things with aliens. When real aliens happen, they'll interrupt EastEnders to let us all know - not put it on YouTube.

10. 6 Volt Battery Hack

Does the rounds every few months, this one. No, those massive old 6volt battery packs we used to power the train sets and big torches of the world do not actually contain 32 AA batteries. It's a joke, or, as some less charitable people might say, a whopping great lie with serious environmental waste implications.

Six volt battery hack


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