10 unboxing videos to make you go WTF?

6. Unboxing Ipad 64GB 3g

You worry about the poor man waving such a sharp pair of scissors so close to his face. Events take a sensational twist two minutes in when he manages to lose the scissors, and has to resort to using his keys to rip the plastic off the box. But then he finds the scissors again and... oh, God. It's marginally less frightening than spending half an hour on Chatroulette, but only just.

[Update: The owner of this video has since disabled embedding. Boo!]

7. Isle of Wight Blue cheese: unboxing

This one's quite arty and hypnotic, to be fair. The lack of sound adds a palpable sense of menace to proceedings, so much so that you half expect the cheese knife to start hacking off the fingers of the demonstrator. The only verbal feedback is an "Mmmmm" when a sample portion is consumed at the 1:14 mark. Sounds like a positive "Mmmmm" as well.

8. Dynex Car Charger Unboxing

He got an iPod car charger kit for Christmas, but only got around to unboxing it on January 15. The video had 34 views last night, and two of those were generated by us – once to watch it, and once again as we reloaded the page to check we really had just watched it.

9. Tactical Pants Unboxing

So we thought we'd search YouTube for "pants unboxing" to see if anyone had unboxed some pants on video. And people have, although only in the American sense of the word. So here's an American taking a pair of trousers out of a box, then giving us all a rundown of the pocket placements.

10. Unboxing TYPE A Hoover Vacuum Bags

Good God. He bought vacuum cleaner bags off eBay, despite not yet having a vacuum cleaner. And here is a video of them. A very long video of them. Some people are taking social media way too far. The clip goes black for a while at around the 0:50 mark because he has to put the camera down to open the box. He should've storyboarded it out first.