Wix upgrades website creation with Editor X feature

(Image credit: Wix)

Website builder Wix has launched a new design tool called Editor X geared towards professional web designers and creators. 

The new service looks to offer designers more flexibility and control over the websites they build, featuring advanced designing tools to help create a professionally designed website catering to their clients’ requirements. 

Editor X will be available within the existing business solutions that Wix offers, with a closed beta open for applications from today.


Some of the key features that Editor X offers are:

·        Option to stack and scale media: This helps in a uniform website design regardless of the screen size

·        Docking: This will allow locking the design element on the website in a specific position

·        Sizing control: Modern CSS elements help designers define any element as fluid or fixed

·        Flexible Canvas: This will enable designers to instantly see the web layout as it appears on different screen sizes

·        Drag and Drop: All advanced tools will now have an option to drag and drop

·        Flex layouter: This smart will tool automatically recognize content when the screen is resized

·        Wix Design system: A collection of pre-designed responsive sections which matches the colour palette used on the website

“We understand the evolving needs of designers and their clients, and we innovate to address their sophisticated demands and diverse requirements,” said Wix Co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami. 

“Editor X is the solution for these users with more complex design needs.”

Jitendra Soni

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