GoDaddy's new solution bundles a website builder with marketing tools

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Web hosting provider GoDaddy has launched a new solution called Websites + Marketing which pairs an easy-to-use website builder with a suite of marketing tools to help small businesses grow and reach new customers.

Alongside its new offering, the company also introduced GoDaddy InSight and this smart technology provides tailored guidance to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

GoDaddy InSight delivers recommendations powered by anonymized data from millions of websites to give small businesses an action plan powered by data science which helps them find new customers while also allowing them to engage more deeply with their existing customers with minimal effort.

Head of Apps and Experiences at GoDaddy, Lauren Antonoff explained the company's motivation to develop GoDaddy InSight in a press release announcing the new solution, saying:

"We spend a lot of time talking to entrepreneurs, and they share how much anxiety they have figuring out how to show up online. Even once they build a site, they struggle to know if it's working for them and what else they need to do to get found. We want to take the guessing and unnecessary work out of the process so that customers can focus on running their business. We built GoDaddy InSight to guide our customers with personalized action plans that provide real results without a huge time investment." 

GoDaddy InSight also provides small businesses with a score to show them how their online performance compares to similar businesses. This score adjusts over time as they complete items on their action plan and this provides small businesses with consistent visibility on how they are benchmarking with others like them.

Websites + Marketing

Websites + Marketing makes website creation fast, simple and personalized whether a user is working on their desktop or mobile device.

GoDaddy has created a new visualization tool for its new solution called Site Makeover which makes it easy for users to see their website in over 20 different styles, all in a single glance. The company's website builder doesn't require businesses to start from scratch and instead entrepreneurs can change the look of their entire site without having to redo or update their content. Changing colors and fonts across a website can now be done with the click of a button.

When it comes to integrations, Websites + Marketing syncs with Facebook, Yelp, Instagram and Google My Business to enable entrepreneurs to respond to customer reviews directly without having to leave their website. Additionally, images on a company's Facebook Business Page are available to use on their own site as well as on integrated partner platforms.

GoDaddy has also added a new Marketplace feature that allows entrepreneurs to list their entire inventory on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other e-commerce sites while using Websites + Marketing to manage orders, payments and shipping across all of these platforms.

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