Windows Phone dialer app is coming to Windows 10, but why?

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Microsoft is officially bringing its Windows Phone dialer app to Windows 10 proper, judging by the latest build of Windows 10 Insider Preview for Redstone 5. Evidence of the app on Windows 10 was first found by WindowsBlogItalia, which reports deep integration with the operating system (OS).

While the outlet reports that the app previously just showed call history and favorites on Windows 10 proper, it’s now reported that the app has full keyboard support as well as integration with your contacts.

However, it’s currently unknown whether the app is equipped with the ability to make phone calls from LTE-ready PCs, much less any reason why the app is coming to Windows 10 proper.

It’s tough to deduce any other reason for a phone dialing app on a desktop and laptop OS other than preparatory work for expanded features. In this case, we’re left wondering whether this is groundwork for the oft-rumored Microsoft Andromeda mobile device or Surface Phone (concept image seen above) running a modified version of Windows 10 under the same codename.

The Andromeda product is widely expected to be a smartphone or phablet-sized device that will allow for minor productivity with dual displays for typing and visuals. Since it would have to run on full Windows 10 to enable those functions, it makes sense for Microsoft to simply bring the essential Windows Phone features to the OS rather than run it on a phone-centric OS.

Of course, this is purely speculation, but with all of the Andromeda rumors cropping up, connecting these dots is getting suspiciously easy.

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