Windows 11 gets new default command line tool

Windows 11
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Your command line experience could be in for a revamp soon, with Windows Terminal becoming the default terminal in the latest Windows 11 Insider preview build.

As described in a Microsoft blog post, all command line applications, including the likes of Command Prompt and PowerShell, will now launch in Windows Terminal automatically for members of the early access Dev Channel.

Windows Terminal, launched in 2019, offers up a modern replacement to Microsoft’s decades-old Windows Console, giving users access to a whole new set of features including multiple tabs and panes, and the ability to create your own themes and customize text, colors, backgrounds and shortcuts.

Does this impact me?

The change will only impact you if have Windows Terminal version 1.15 installed - which you can grab from GitHub by heading here - and are a member of the early access program.

However, Microsoft is set to soon start rolling out the change more widely. Windows Terminal is set to become the default command line experience in Windows 11 at a yet-to-be-disclosed point in 2022.

If your business computer is one of the many not up to the demands of running Windows 11, however, you might still be stuck with Windows Console as default for some time. 

Meanwhile, if you still prefer a more traditional flavor to your console experience you can disable the feature by heading to Settings > Privacy & Security > For developers and then amending the Terminal setting.

There are also a wide variety of Windows Terminal alternatives available for those interested in running command prompts including Cmder, Xshell, PuTTY, as well Microsoft’s own PowerShell.

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