Windows 10 command line tool is getting a very bold upgrade

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Microsoft has released the latest version of its Windows Terminal command line tool for Windows 10 which includes a number of new features and shortcuts designed to make things easier for developers.

The software giant detailed these upgrades in a blog post in which it explained that Windows Terminal Preview has been updated to version 1.10 while the full release of Windows Terminal will soon be updated to version 1.9.

One of the biggest changes in Windows Terminal's latest update is that Quake Mode windows will now remain in the system tray when dismissed. For those unfamiliar, Quake Mode allows users to quickly open a new terminal window from anywhere in windows using the keyboard shortcut Win + '. Now though, developers can reopen a quake window from the system tray manually or by using this same keyboard shortcut.

Microsoft has also replaced the Feedback button in Windows Terminal's dropdown menu with a command palette button due to the fact that hardly any users were taking advantage of it. Now users can launch a command palette from the dropdown menu instead or by typing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P.

User defaults and actions

The user interface of Windows Terminal's settings menu has also been given some attention by Microsoft in its latest release and the company has decided to bring back the “Defaults” section. As a result, users can now configure the default settings for all profiles in Windows Terminal and these changes will be applied when opening a new terminal window.

Developers can also add new actions to Windows Terminal with Microsoft's latest update. While most of these actions include preconfigured keyboard shortcuts by default, the company is giving users the ability to add their own without having to removing any of the existing shortcuts using Windows Terminal's settings UI.

Another welcome upgrade is that Windows Terminal now displays bold text in the text renderer thanks to help from Chester Liu. Microsoft also plans to add a setting in the future that will allow users to configure bold text themselves.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 is now available to download and in addition to these new features and upgrades, it also contains a number of miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

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