Microsoft Edge will soon let you customize your keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts can really help improve productivity which is why Microsoft is adding the ability to customize them to its browser in a new update to the developer version of Microsoft Edge.

Version 90 of Microsoft Edge Dev was released earlier this month and now the software giant has released another update that includes several new features.

The latest Edge Dev build includes the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts in the browser's DevTools menu, redesigned context menus for PDFs and a number of stability fixes for the browser.

Microsoft Edge DevTools

Just like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is now based on Chromium and when it comes to accessing developer tools, both browsers offer similar functionality. While the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+C is used to access Chrome's Developer Tools menu, in Edge you simply need to press F12 to access the browser's DevTools menu.

In a new blog post, program manager at Microsoft Rachel Simone Weil provided further insight on how Javascript developers can use the Console tool built into Microsoft Edge DevTools, saying:

“In the Microsoft Edge DevTools, the Console tool has two main functions. The first is outputting messages and errors logged from a website’s Javascript. For example, if your website code has a line of Javascript that reads console.log(`My code is running!`);, you would expect to get the following output in the Console tab of DevTools. Console output: "My code is running!" Console’s second function is serving as a Javascript REPL, meaning you can write and run lines of Javascript directly in the tab.”

The latest Microsoft Edge Dev build is now rolling out to users on the Dev channel and within the DevTools menu, they'll be able to easily customize the browser's keyboard shortcuts. To do so, you'll need to open DevTools and navigate to Settings at the top left of the window.

This feature will likely come to the stable version of Microsoft Edge soon but if you can't wait to test it out, you can download the latest Microsoft Edge Dev build here.

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