openSUSE Leap is the latest Linux distro to arrive on Windows 10

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Windows 10 users interested in running Linux under the desktop operating system will doubtless be pleased to hear there’s another option available on the Microsoft Store in the form of openSUSE Leap 15.1.

The new version of the distro only emerged last week, so has pretty swiftly made the leap (ahem) to Windows 10’s store, where you can download it right now.

Version 15.1 boasts better support for modern hardware, along with improved YaST functionality. As the maker notes, the Windows 10 spin of the distro benefits from “true RPM package management using openSUSE’s package repositories”.

As you might’ve seen, openSUSE makes the cut for our guide to the best Linux distros of 2019, although note that it is targeted at developers and system admins. Indeed, the Leap distribution has stability as a primary goal, being based on source code from SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Growing support

Still, even if this isn’t something that will interest you specifically, it’s great to see a growing raft of support for different Linux distros running under Windows 10 (via the Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Operating systems like Ubuntu or Debian are already available, and more niche affairs are coming into play as we’ve already seen with the likes of Arch Linux (although that is an unofficial effort, so exercise some caution there – plus this distro really isn’t for the faint of heart, anyway, being a notoriously tricky beast to get up and running).

Via MS PowerUser

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