Westworld's season 4 release date leaks – and fans are all saying the same thing

Thandiwe Newton and Aaron Paul in Westworld season 4
(Image credit: HBO)

It looks like Westworld fans won’t have long to wait for the return of HBO’s Emmy award-winning sci-fi series. 

An unlisted teaser trailer (which leaked online ahead of HBO’s intended schedule) reveals that Westworld season 4 will begin streaming via HBO Max on June 26. The dialogue-less footage, cryptically titled ‘It doesn’t look like anything to me,’ shows off more of the series’ dystopian version of New York City and confirms the return of Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson and more.

You can check out the unlisted trailer for Westworld season 4 below:

As excited as fans are about the show’s first footage and release date confirmation, though, Westworld’s faithful have also echoed a feeling of bewilderment when it comes to season 4’s story.  

“It doesn’t look like anything to me” is the famous phrase uttered by Westworld’s android hosts when they encounter evidence of their non-human existence, but many of the comments below the unlisted trailer have ironically repeated the same sentiment. 

"This actually doesn't look like anything to me, I can't remember anything that happened in the last season,” one comment read, while another user wrote "It feels like my memories of [Westworld] season 3 are from an old loop."

Westworld hasn’t appeared on screens for more than two years – season 3 wrapped in May 2020 – so it figures that fans may have forgotten certain plot threads or character arcs, but the sheer intricacy of the show’s mind-bending story means many longtime viewers appear to be heading into its long-awaited fourth season with about as much familiarity as they had with its first.

"Between the complexity of the story and the long gaps between seasons, I can’t even remember what the upcoming stakes will be for this season,” another YouTube comment read.

It’s also a peculiar move on HBO’s part to launch Westworld season 4 with such little fanfare. The upcoming eight-episode season is due to begin streaming in little over a month, and all fans have had to reward their excitement is a cryptic, two-minute teaser (one that was leaked prematurely, lest we forget).

“I don’t understand why [there has been] such low promotion for a masterpiece,” one fan wrote underneath the new footage, while another declared it “strange” that HBO would release the season’s first trailer just one month before its scheduled premiere date.

A crowded market

It’s not as though Westworld season 4 will be ruling the streaming service waves when it does launch on HBO Max, either. In June alone, TV fans can look forward to the arrival of Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus, a new season of For All Mankind on Apple TV Plus and Peaky Blinders season 6, The Umbrella Academy season 3 and Money Heist: Korea on Netflix.

And that’s all before mentioning Stranger Things season 4 part 2 and Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, which are both scheduled to release in the months following Westworld’s season 4 premiere.

Perhaps, then, HBO doesn’t have enough faith in the return of its dystopian sci-fi show to warrant making more of a fuss – which is a shame, because Westworld’s early seasons rank among the best television released in the previous decade. 

In any case, fans of the series can look forward to seeing more of Bernard, Dolores and The Man in Black when Westworld season 4 begins streaming on June 26.

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