Samsung Gear S2 3G vs Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S2 3G vs Gear S: Processing power, storage and RAM

It seems like there are a number of things that Samsung decided not to change, and these things are part of that list. The Samsung Gear S included a 1GHz MSM8226 processor, along with 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. The Gear S2 3G has kept all of these things, although it's certainly possible that the software on the new device is less processor-hungry.

Samsung Gear S2 3G vs Gear S: Software and compatibility

Gear S2

Because of the fact that both of the devices feature Samsung's home-built Tizen operating system, they are very limited in terms of their compatibility. They are both compatible with a range of Samsung phones, however the newer Gear S2 3G is compatible with the latest generation of Samsung smartphones while the original Gear S is compatible with the previous generation, including the Galaxy S5 and Note 2.

Samsung Gear S2 3G vs Gear S: Other features

The new Gear S2 3G includes a range of sensors, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, a gyroscope, and even a heart rate monitor. Interestingly enough, the Gear S features all of the same sensors, as well as a proximity sensor, a compass, and a UV light sensor. Despite this, while the Gear S2 features an IP68 water- and dust-resistant rating, the Gear S only features an IP67 rating.

Samsung Gear S2 3G vs Gear S: Verdict

While the two devices look completely different on the surface, under the hood they're almost the same smartwatch. The design of the newer Gear S2 is however, sleeker and more functional than the older Gear.

The newer device is perhaps a little more up-to-date in that it offers an e-SIM, NFC and a circular display. NFC is likely to come in handy with mobile payments, and the circular display will help the device look less like a phone strapped to the user's wrist and more like a smartwatch.

Because the S2 has a nicer, round shape with a unique rotating bezel, it'll likely be favored as the preferred wearable over the older version.

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