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Introducing the first official Apple Watch charging dock

Apple Watch charging dock
Apple Watch charging dock

Apple has released its first official charging dock for the Apple Watch – and it's going to take up a bit of space on your bedside table.

We saw it leak yesterday, but now Apple has confirmed it's real. The new charging dock looks to be about the size of a CD, with a middle part that you flip up and sit your Apple Watch against to juice it up.

You plug the cable from the box into the side of the charging pad and it's good to go. As per Apple's style, it all looks quite minimalist.

Charging in style

Before today, you could only buy third-party charging docks, and those only started coming out after the watchOS 2 update introduced Nightstand mode.

Apple has it on the US site for $79.99 (about AU$113), and it'll be in stores on Friday. Charging your fancy smartwatch in style certainly doesn't come cheap.

In the UK it'll cost £65, but so far there's no sign of a link to buy it on the UK site.