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Apple Watch now on sale at major retail store

Apple Watch

For those who still want to pick up an Apple Watch, you can now head to your local Best Buy.

The third-party retailer is the first major storefront to sell the wrist-ware but not all the bands and accessories are available for purchase.

Instead of the 38 customization options Apple offers, you'll get to choose between the black or white Sport band and the Milanese loop. Oh, and don't bother asking about the $10,000 Watch Edition. That's definitely not behind glass or even available in-store.

You will however find a slew of third-party bands, cases and stands.

Right now, only 100 brick and mortar stores are carrying the Apple Watch but that should increase to 300 soon.

If you want a more colorful Sport Watch or a pricier Apple wearable, head to its online storefront or a fancy boutique.

Via Phone Arena