Wear OS update is more tailored to you, but will make you exercise more

Wear OS is getting smarter, or more specifically the Google Assistant component is getting better at helping you, as a new update will allow it to offer proactive and personalized information.

You’ll be able to access this by swiping right on your smartwatch, with Google giving the example of flight status or hotel reservations being shown when you’re at the airport.

Other examples include a warning in the morning if there’s traffic on your commute, or a reminder to bring an umbrella if it’s set to rain. Apparently this tool will get even more useful over time as Google Assistant gets to know you better and new features are added.

But this upcoming Wear OS update does more than just make Google Assistant a better assistant.

It’s also changing other aspects of the interface, with a key difference being that you can now simply swipe left to start a workout or check health and fitness tracking information, such as your step count, leaving one less barrier between you and the workout you know you really should be doing.

It’s an update that follows the recent overhaul of Google Fit, and shows Google is putting a real focus on health and fitness for its wearables now, one which feature-packed new watches like the Skagen Falster 2 are primed to take advantage of.

Interface overhaul

Elsewhere, a swipe up from the Wear OS home screen will show you all your notifications in a single ‘stream’, rather than you having to swipe multiple times to move between different notification cards.

That should make it quicker and easier to see them all and if you need to respond to one you can select and send a smart reply without leaving the stream.

A swipe down meanwhile will present more features and shortcuts than it currently does, with Google Pay and Find My Phone being examples that are given.

You can’t get this Wear OS update yet, but Google claims that it will begin rolling these features out over the next month, so keep an eye out for them.

James Rogerson

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