Vivaldi 2.0 introduces secure syncing across devices

Vivaldi 2.0

Vivaldi has launched a new version of its super-customizable browser, Vivaldi 2.0, with stacks of new features to tempt web users away from mainstream options like Firefox and Chrome.

The biggest addition is Vivaldi Sync (activated via the cloud icon in the browser's status bar), which synchronizes your browser data between computers, including saved passwords, bookmarks, history, extensions and notes. Your data is transferred via Vivaldi's own servers; no third parties.

Vivaldi's main appeal is the ability to customize it from the ground up, so the ability to sync your preferred options between machines is a real boon.

A new look

Vivaldi's Panels (which let you view two websites side-by-side) have also been improved, and it's now possible to 'float' a smaller panel on top of a webpage rather than resizing it. It's a particularly useful tool for keeping track of Twitter and news feeds.

The browser's History feature has received a major overhaul as well, giving you a much deeper insight into your browsing activity with charts and statistics to help you see how you're spending your time – not just where. It's a feature that many social media companies are now adding to their apps, but it's handy to have it integrated directly into the browser.

Vivaldi 2.0 history

Vivaldi has taken the opportunity to clarify its privacy policy as well, in what could be interpreted as a slight dig at Google: "Vivaldi has a straightforward privacy policy – it does not track users. Full stop."

Vivaldi 2.0 is available to download now.

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