Freesat launches iOS app for remote recording

freesat app
The Freesat app is only available on iOS

Freesat has announced the launch of its long-awaited mobile companion app.

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the app will act as a basic TV guide as well as a touchscreen remote control for your network-connected Freesat box.

In the app you can also browse the Roll Back TV Guide which lets you check out the last seven days of TV to watch programmes you may have missed.

It also offers TV recommendations, allowing you to browse through hot picks for the week ahead and set reminders if you see anything you want to watch.

What's more, if you're stuck in traffic after work and find yourself destined to, heaven forbid, miss the latest depressing instalment of Eastenders, you'll be able to use the app to remotely command your Freesat box to record the episode.

Just make sure you purge the recording once you've watched it, shower and say three Hail Dot Cottons.

freesat app

Showcase will recommend hot new shows and established favourites

Whether you're a Freesat or Freeview viewer in the UK, you'll be able to search in the app and find programmes from the UK's On Demand players, namely BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5.

Additionally, those of you with one of Humax's Freetime boxes will be able to launch these On Demand programmes from the app direct to your TV. Just make sure your partner is holding the standard remote control when you do it, ensuring maximum confusion and hilarity.

Compatible with both iOS 6 and iOS 7, the new Freesat app is available to download from the app store now.

Another way of saying this, of course, is that it's not available for Android devices yet. We asked Freesat what its position on the most popular mobile operating system on the planet is, and this was the response:

"We'll be using learnings, customer feedback and usage information to inform how we develop the Android version – there's no exact timescale as yet."

Don't hold your breath for that one.

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