Terminator Salvation Blu-ray gets first-ever live director commentary

Terminator Salvation Blu-ray to feature live commentary
Terminator Salvation Blu-ray to feature live commentary

The new upcoming Blu-ray of Terminator Salvation is to house a unique, one-off special feature – live director commentary.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that the discs will feature access to a live Q&A feature with director McG which is set to take place 4 December.

Once you enable this feature, it will give you unique access to a streamed Q&A which can be played simultaneously with the movie.

While this has been tried before on The Dark Knight, the feature was text-based. Using BD-Live functionality, this time there will be live visuals.

Invitation only

There is a catch: you will have to sign up to for an invitation through Warner's BD Live network. It also looks likely that the feature will be on US discs only.

This doesn't mean that UK users miss out on the BD-Live goodness, as there will be something called CINECHAT available on the disc, which will allow watchers of Terminator Salvation to speak to each other around the world.

The live commentary feature is yet another way movie studios are trying to make Blu-ray discs a more enticing proposition.

It also gives you that slim chance to speak to McG face to face and ask why he decided to ruin a perfectly good franchise.

Via Blu-ray.com

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