Ironclad Blu-ray given wrong aspect ratio

Defend the castle, kill the king, save the nation... maybe sort out the apect ratio should have been on that list

A new Blu-ray release by Warner Bros has been hit with aspect ratio woes, with review copies of Ironclad sent in 16:9 format, rather than 2.35:1 that the film should be shown in.

The Blu-ray's aspect ratio problem was picked up by Home Cinema Choice magazine, which has a history of pointing out incorrect aspect ratios.

Back in May, another Warner Bros title was given the wrong aspect ratio. The Blu-ray in question was John Carpenter's The Ward, which was subsequently pulled from its original release date and will now be released in October; Mr Carpenter himself even tweeted about the situation.

Cramp it up

Home Cinema Choice has contacted Warner Bros about the situation but has yet to hear a reply.

Anton van Beek, news editor of HCC, said about the 16:9 version of Ironclad: "While this may be a 'nicer fit' for a widescreen TV, it seriously compromises the look of the film, excising vital visual information and making everything look much more cramped."

The Blu-ray version of Ironclad is to be released 11 July, which means that there's little-to-no time before the disc hits shop shelves for Warner Bros to rectify the situation.