50 Blu-ray movies every high-def fan must own

40. Rambo
Sony Pictures - £25
Having also successfully re-launched rocky balboa, Sylvester Stallone then gave Rambo a fresh lick of paint with this gloriously violent flick. Sony's hi-def transfer works wonders with the film's location footage, while a spectacular Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix handles the action with ease.

39. Blood diamond
Warner Home Video - £26
Part action thriller, part message movie, Blood Diamond is a gripping look at the cost of the diamond trade. The already impressive hi-def package is completed by the inclusion of 47 short behind-the-scenes vignettes that didn't even appear on the two-disc DVD release.

38. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Warner Home Video - £26
For our money Mel Gibson was never better than when he brought post-apocalyptic warrior Max Rockatansky to the big screen. In addition to a lovingly restored transfer, this hi-def disc boasts a fascinating director's commentary.

37. The Searchers
Warner Home Video - £26
Over the years Warner has become the master of restoring classics. One of the first to appear in HD is John Ford's epic western, which looks breathtaking thanks to landscapes that seem so 3D you'd think you could step right into the screen.

36. Starship Troopers Trilogy
Sony Pictures - £60
Paul Verhoeven's hilarious and ultra violent sci-fi satire is a joy to rediscover in high-definition – those armies of CG bugs have never looked better. This set also throws in the two direct-to-DVD sequels and pushes the capabilities of BD-Live functionality with the innovative (and silly) Put Yourself in the Movie feature. Be wary...

35. Horton Hears a Who
20th Century Fox - £29
Dr Seuss' highly inventive story gets the full CG animation treatment. It looks stunning, too, thanks to a flawless 1.85:1 encode that lends the film a true 3D quality. The disc's lossless DTS-HD MA mix is every bit as inventive as the visuals, with some elephantine LFE.

34. Hellboy
Sony Pictures - £18
This visually impressive comic-book adaptation is done full justice on Blu-ray by a magnificent MPeG-4 transfer. Just as impressive are the involving lossless audio mix and the generous set of extras – the latter including a devilishly in-depth Making of... documentary (150 minutes!), commentary track from director Guillermo del Toro and deleted scenes.

33. The Departed
Entertainment In Video - £30
Martin Scorsese's remake of Asian thriller Infernal Affairs in glorious Full HD is superb. Accompanying the magnificent imagery and enveloping DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack are a pair of featurettes about the film's other influences, nine deleted scenes and the trailer.

32. Face/off
Walt Disney Home Entertainment - £27
This UK-exclusive Blu-ray version of Face/Off makes up for what it lacks in extras with an impressive HD makeover, including a bombastic uncompressed PCM 5.1 soundtrack that has bullets flying past your head and explosions rocking your chairs.

31. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Warner Home Video | £26
This post modern genre pastiche was overlooked at cinemas, but it is well worth checking out on Blu-ray. Not only will it keep you gripped and make you chuckle, but it looks and sounds fantastic, and throws in an exclusive BD commentary.

30. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
Warner Home Video - £26
The best Potter film conjures up some of the most spectacular sequences in the series' history. Harry's battle with the dragon is a masterpiece of visual effects and sound design, all of which shines through on BD. and unlike some other Potter discs, this one also waves its wand and delivers a host of decent extras.

29. The Seventh Seal
Tartan Video - £38
Best known for its scenes of Death playing chess, acclaimed filmmaker Ingmar Bergman's classic shows that even 50-year-old black-and-white films can look unbelievably good on Blu-ray. In addition to the lovingly restored HD transfer, a DVD version of the movie is also included.

28. Independence Day
20th Century Fox - £23
Summer blockbusters don't come much bigger than this entertainingly silly reworking of War Of The Worlds. Overflowing with epic set-pieces, the film is a joy to behold in 1080p, while the DTS-HD Ma mix will convince you that the world really is ending!

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