Under Armour's latest smart running shoes let you leave your watch at home

Under Armour Hovr
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Under Armour has launched three new pairs of running shoes that gather biometric data as you run, and provide live advice on improving your technique without the need to carry a watch.

The updated Hovr Machina 2, Hovr Infinite 3 and Hovr Sonic 4 all connect to MapMyRun, and provide you with live feedback and advice from a 'digital coach'. 

Because the sensors are integrated directly into the shoe itself, the system can give you some deep insights into your running form, and how it changes throughout a session. After you've finished, you'll receive a post-run report where you can check out your foot strike angle and ground contact time, which allows you to see if your form deteriorated as you started to tire.

Under Armour

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Under Armour launched its first smart shoe back in 2016, and has been making steady updates to its platform and the shoes themselves ever since.

The new Hovr Machina 2 features more breathable mesh for improved ventilation and lighter weight, and is designed to retain less moisture while you run (whether that's rainwater or sweat). It's available for £140 (about $190 / AU$250).

The updated Hovr Infinite 3 has a new midsole with more cushioning and fewer internal layers, again resulting in less weight, and retails at £130 (about $180 / AU$230).

Finally, the new Hovr Sonic 4 is now more breathable, and costs £105 (about $140 / AU$190).

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