Nike launches hands-free Go FlyEase sports shoe – and it's surprisingly cheap

Nike Go FlyEase
(Image credit: Nike)

Nike has revealed a new sports shoe with no laces, zips or other fastenings, which can be put on and removed hands-free.

The design of the new Go FlyEase is inspired by the way many of us take our shoes off without undoing the laces – using the toe of one shoe to push down on the heel of the other. It's a technique that usually stretches out the shoe and breaks down the back.

The design was originally intended to support athletes with disabilities that mean conventional shoes are inconvenient to use, but is now being made available more widely. It has a flexible sole unit that bends up in the middle when not in use, with a stretchy tension band that snaps it flat when your foot is inserted.

One small step for footwear...

The first prototype was a shoe cut almost in half, with the upper part held together by surgical tubing. Nike then conducted research to determine the best design and materials – particularly for the band – eventually settling on a bi-stable hinged sole with mid-sole tensioner.

Nike says that the shoe will be available "via invite for select Nike members" from February 15, with a launch price of $120 (about £90 / AU$160), which is on par with a typical pair of mid-range running shoes, if not slightly cheaper. The company plans to release it more widely later in 2021. 

Cat Ellis

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