Ultimate Ears is letting Aussies fully customise their new Boom 3 speaker

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The rugged Bluetooth speakers offered by Ultimate Ears are some of the best on the market – in fact, we reckon the Boom 3 is the best portable speaker available right now. However, there's something new brewing that lets Aussies make this iconic cylinder truly their own.

Ultimate Ears has launched its myBoom program, which allows you to fully customise the aesthetic of your waterproof and rugged Boom 3 via the studio web page, resulting in a completely personalised speaker for the same retail price (AU$199.95) as the regular, non-customised version available at retailers.

What’s more, once you get to the checkout with your desired design, a Power Up charging dock (valued at AU$49.95) will automatically be added at no extra cost. However, you'll need to get a wriggle on if you want to snag the charging dock for free as this offer ends September 30.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Customers are able to modify six different components of the portable speaker, including your choice of fabric pattern, the colours of the end caps, volume buttons, spine, and carry loop, as well as a 20-character inscription that will be laser-etched on the spine of the device.

If you’re struggling for ideas and need some inspiration, the site offers a ‘feeling lucky’ section that completely randomises all the elements of the speaker, allowing you to dive in and make any further tweaks if you like where it’s going.

It’s worth noting that, while this text inscription can be written in almost any unicode-supported language, there are limitations: according to UE, “Any orders featuring text that contains profanity, insulting or discriminatory content, content construed to incite violence, or content we don’t want associated with our insanely awesome products will be rejected.”

The myBoom 3 is available for order now directly from the Ultimate Ears website and will cost you AU$199.95 with free shipping, and will include a Power Up charging dock (valued at AU$49.95) at no extra cost if you order before the end of September.

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