Transform your business with personalized wireless communications

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How do you communicate with your customers, and how do you ensure they receive a quality experience? It sounds like a simple question to answer. However, with highly-connected customers anticipating unfettered mobile usage and personalized experiences no matter their location, your messages, content and ultimately experiences must be seamless to each customer.

Data is now the life blood of all organizations and businesses. Super Bowl LI was the fourth year that the NFL implemented Extreme Networks' Wi-Fi analytics solution to collect data that helped the League better understand its fans. 

Super Bowl LI broke all Super Bowl records for concurrent users on Wi-Fi peaking at 27,000, 41 percent more than Super Bowl 50. Just focusing on social media, 1.7TB of the total data was transferred from social networking engagements.

With more users than ever, it’s vital that today’s networks have the ability to support a high volume of connected clients, all transferring large quantities of data.

As the Official Wi-Fi provider of Super Bowl LI , Extreme’s network saw over 11 TB of data transferred during the season’s biggest game, enabling over 35,000 fans to instantly search information about their teams and share the excitement of the Super Bowl with friends and family.

Having this level of seamless connectivity allowed fans to gain a completely new perspective on the Super Bowl, and make closer connections to their teams. At Extreme Networks, we don’t just create world-class networks, but enable a new level of interactivity. Fans at the Super Bowl didn’t see the technology in use, they simply created new exciting memories.  

Touchdown for your business

The delivery of customer services is vital to the long-term success of any hotel, casino or venue. With the right systems in place, your customers become fans. The experiences they have with your business will shape their loyalty and enthusiasm for your brand. The opportunities that can open for your business when it has the right network in place are infinite. Ask yourself these questions:  

  • Are you looking for new ways to monetize the vast quantities of customer data you are now collecting?
  • Do your existing systems deliver a completely integrated and seamless network to every customer?
  • Is network security still an issue for your business?
  • Can your existing systems grow with your business, as it experiments with new technologies?

Extreme Networks can help your business answer these questions and provide solutions to connect your customers to new experiences.