This rare iPod prototype could be yours for $100,000

If you've just found $100,000 down the back of the sofa - and you love nothing more than owning a piece of tech history - we've found just the eBay auction for you: a prototype iPod Classic dating from 2002.

The (still fully functioning) audio player sports a red circuit board inside, indicating it was a work-in-progress model that never made its way out to the public. The clues suggest the prototype was built somewhere between the first and second-generation iPods.

"Up for sale is an extremely rare iPod," writes the seller, theappleguru. "As you can see from the photos, the iPod still holds a charge and is fully functional. This is your chance to own a piece of history, not just Apple history, but actual history."

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The eBayer behind the sale has a rock-solid auctioning reputation and also has some other rare bits of Apple kit to flog, so this looks like a genuine piece of historic hardware. If you find the $99,995 Buy It Now price a bit to rich you can make a lower offer.

We're seeing a growing trend for old tech devices and components selling for a pretty penny - particularly if they're made by Apple - so that's something to bear in mind if you're thinking of trading in your current iPhone. One day it could fund your next holiday.

At the time of writing the auction is still live, but it seems to be attracting plenty of attention - so if you're interested in becoming its new owner you might want to get on the phone to the bank for that loan sooner rather than later. Don't forget to add the $75 shipping fee into your calculations.

Via 9to5Mac

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