This PS5 patent will give your DualSense a cold - literally

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Sony's latest patent might just be the strangest yet: a DualSense heat dispenser that changes temperature based on in-game environments.

It sounds like something straight out of a poorly researched sci-fi flick, but the PS5 manufacturer's done the legwork and registered a patent for its latest idea. That being to add a "temperature control apparatus" to the DualSense controller. Or at least, a new controller like it.

Sony would achieve this by replacing the DualSense's plastic shell with a special gel-like substance, which would better translate hot and cold temperatures to the controller's haptics (thanks, Push Square).

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Some example applications would be the controller heating up in warmer biomes like deserts or around volcanoes. Conversely, exploring arctic climates or opening a fridge could cool the controller down for added immersion.

If it sounds like an impossible idea, that's because it is. Well, sort of. The tech involved would require the development of an entirely new controller; it's certainly not something Sony could implement with a simple firmware update. Developers would also need to be on board with taking time to implement the tech into their games, which would no doubt require a whole lot of effort.

Lastly, a controller fitted with a smart heat dispenser would most likely be incredibly expensive. If you thought the DualSense Edge or PSVR 2 were pricey, such an advanced controller could have them beat in that regard.

You're hot and you're cold

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I'll admit that the fantasy of the idea is pretty enticing. Feeling the chill of God of War Ragnarok's snow-capped setting could add a much-needed layer of immersion to Kratos's latest adventure. On the other hand, the controller heating up during an intense firefight might help feed into the urgency of the moment.

In reality, I think it's a horrible idea. The cost of the pad, and the device's drain on battery life, would far outweigh the novelty of actually using it. And when heating up, at best it'll give you unpleasantly clammy hands. And at worse, might even be a fire hazard.

It's one idea I'm happy for Sony to keep on the shelf. The DualSense is already a brilliant controller, thanks in no small part to its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers bringing the best PS5 games to life. The last thing I'd want is to take frequent breaks because the controller has become uncomfortably warm or cold.

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